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          In recent years, the round steel cutter has been widely used in mechanical processing and small-scale rolling mill, which has played an important role in various fields of national economic construction. Moreover, the round steel cutter is characterized by light weight, less energy consumption, reliable operation and high efficiency, and is mainly used in housing construction, bridge, tunnel, power station, large-scale water conservancy and other projects. What are the inspection regulations for the round steel cutter? Let's introduce it to you.


          1. The driving mechanism of the round steel cutter shall operate smoothly without abnormal noise, and the crankshaft and connecting rod shall not be cracked or twisted;


          2. The tooth surface of the open transmission gear shall be free of cracks, pitting and deformation, the meshing shall be good, the wear amount shall not exceed 25% of the tooth thickness, the sliding bearing shall not be scratched or ablated, and the radial wear shall not be greater than 0.5mm;


          3. The longitudinal traveling clearance between sliding block and guide rail shall be less than 0.5mm, and the transverse clearance shall be less than 0.2mm;


          4. The cutter shall be installed firmly without looseness; the knife edge shall be free of defects and cracks, and the clearance between the lining cutter and punching shall be normal.


          When using the round steel cutter, it should be noted that during operation, it is strictly prohibited to directly remove the broken ends and sundries near the cutter by hand. It is not allowed to stop non operators around the swinging of the reinforcement and the cutter.


          As a machine and equipment, we must pay attention to the usual maintenance and repair work, so as to extend the service life of the round steel cutter and reduce the unnecessary losses caused by the machine damage. The above are some inspection regulations on the round steel cutter, hoping to help you. Http://www.tongquyy.com


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